ben beiny soundtrack and music composer
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BMW recently used one of Ben's tracks in their promotion for the new BMW 1 Series.

Check out the advert below:

Ben also recently completed the music for 2 projects by London directors, Olu Fashakin and Rodney Williams. Watch here: 'Marcus' and see Rodney's trailor for 'The Birthday Present'. The Birthday Present is currently in submission for Cannes and Raindance.

At the start of 2010 Ben joined up with the Canadian company, Premium Beat, to offer pre-cleared music for licensing. Check them out here: Premium Beat

He has also joined up with director / producer duo, Judy Bretschneider and Camilla French, to create the original music and sound design for their three-part documentary which examines prostitution in the Far East.

In May 2008, Ben released a six track EP, featuring the voice of Elizabeth Scotney, under the label ‘Artificial Bliss Recordings’.

Three of Ben’s compositions have recently been licensed for videos produced by Natalie Sadhwani, a writer / director based in London and Monaco.